Estate Liquidation

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Looking for Estate Liquidators in Las Vegas?

I’ll be happy to provide you with some links to a few professional estate liquidation services that we like to visit in just a moment, but BEFORE YOU LIQUIDATE YOUR ESTATE in Las Vegas, CALL VegasPicker to come by to make a CASH offer on the entire estate, items our network of collectors may be looking for, or, cool vintage or collectible pieces we might be able to resell here!

The Vegas Picker is READY TO BUY!

Here are some of the items that we are currently looking for and wanting to buy in Las Vegas:

  • Buying Vintage Las Vegas Collectibles – Including anything pre 60’s. The more unique the antique the better!
  • Buying Antique Toys – Including vintage trains ,vintage slot cars, scale models, vintage children’s bikes, anything in the toy category that is older than 1969.
  • Buying Antique Signed Art – Including vintage lithographs, original vintage oil paintings, limited edition signed art, old signed portraits.
  • Buying Vintage Radios and Antique Jukeboxes – Including anything ‘pre 8 track’, with or without music, records. MUST be in working condition.
  • Buying Classic Cars, Trucks and Vans – Including any vehicle made in or before 1966. MUST be in running/drive-able condition.
  • Buying Antique Mayan/Aztec Misc. – We love these kind of antiques and would be interested in anything you may have!
  • Buying Antique Weapons – Including vintage swords, antique guns, cannons and war time collectibles.

If you have any of these items in your estate, please give us the opportunity for the “First Pick” and call (702)